Nestled in the heart of Atlanta lies Queen of Sheba. This charming, traditional restaurant is a delight in every sense of the word. We specialize in delivering authentic Ethiopian food within a traditional setting.

A deliciously authentic Ethiopian dining experience awaits at Queen of Sheba. Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, you’ll find that our charming, traditional restaurant is a delight in every way. Echoing these sentiments, INSIDERPAGERS had this to say, “…the depth and complexity of the fragrant dishes is a thrill. Little on the menu disappoints, but the burnished, red-pepper-sauced options, earthy and intensely flavorful, are standouts. Braised collard greens, ubiquitous on Ethiopian menus, are especially good here–mildly gingery and buttery, with a full, mellow richness…”

Likewise, calling the restaurant “laidback” yet “hip,” METROMIX had these words of praise, “Although Ethiopian menus tend to be somewhat meat-intensive, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes, and most come with the delightful Injera bread, which is used instead of flatware to eat and sop up all the wonderful flavor. It’s a very fragrant and complex cuisine, and dishes come with an array of spices so that you can customize your meal. A few standout items: the braised collard greens, the stews (particularly the lentil), Tej (homemade honey wine), and you must experience the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.”

Offering exotic renditions of beef, lamb, chicken, seafood and vegetables, our restaurant prices are reasonable and there’s an added bonus: LIVE JAZZ EVERY THURSDAY.