“This is my go-to Ethiopian spot. The Doro Wot and the Vege combo are standouts and are pretty much what we order every time we come here. It’s the perfect amount of food for two people. The flavors are rich without being over spiced like at many other restaurants. The servers are very attentive when it comes to filling waters and bringing more injera (bread).”

- Eowyn C.

“I love Ethiopian food. I have been to several Ethiopian restaurants and this one is one of my favorites. They’ve done quite a few renovations since I first ate there. They have great food, great service and killer jazz bands on Thursday nights.”

-Paulette J.

“I just came back from Queen of Sheba, and it was awesome! Terrific ambiance, great food, reasonably priced, and they have a hookah bar! The place is adjacent to some of other ethnic places, so it’s pretty easy to find. I’d recommend the spicy, tangy yemisir wot for vegetarians- delicious! You don’t even have to ask for more injera bread, because they bring you more when you’re running low. Very nice ;-)”

Sarah H.

“I don’t even know where to begin… I’ve been to a few Ethiopian restaurants around the Emory/Decatur area but Queen of Sheba is by far the best one!

Both times I’ve dined here, I shared the Assa tibs (once w/ salmon and once w/ tilapia) and the mushroom tibs. I can’t begin to say enough good things about the food. The Assa tibs are served with a generous portion of salmon/tilapia on a bed of salad… there is a special sauce that brings all of the flavor together. You can get a side with the Assa tibs– we got the chickpeas which were delicious. In addition, the mushroom tibs are some of the best mushrooms I’ve ever tasted. This is all served with the signature injera bread.

The waitresses are really nice and the food is served relatively quickly.”

Anand S.

“OMG I’ve had A LOT of Ethiopian food, some made by Ethiopians while in West Africa… but this is the best food+environment+service combination I’ve ever had with respect to Ethiopian cuisine. Totally my favorite place to eat in all of Briarcliff/N. Emory.

I always always always get the Zilzil Tibs (beef tips) and the spicy lentils (watch out, they’re truly spicy). I absolutely LOVE that dish… I have dreams about it.

My dinner date–my gramps–had the lamb tibs, which were also pretty good. “Injira” is a traditional, unleaved bread-like food that you use to pick the food (entree) up with. On it’s own, Injira is rather bland, but with whichever flavorful meat or veggie dish you order, it’s perfectly complementary. There are no utensils of course! Any way, the Injira is absolutely devine compared to the many other times I’ve eaten it.

I had such a craving for some ‘sheba all last week, and I slept like a baby when I finally got some in my belly the other night. It’s ironic that a country with a known past history in famine-related problems has some of the best food in the world (in my humble opinion).

Check it out. You probably ain’t going to the other side of the Atlantic any time soon, but you can still get a little taste of Ethiopia here in the A.”

James G.

“This place has been right next to our apartment complex and we always wanted to go but we chickened out of eating Ethiopian food. One day, I was introduced to ScoutMob and I saw a 50% off coupon, so I said “hey, what do we have to lose trying it.” After arriving there on a Friday night, the place was full and noisy. This is a good sign in my book, if a restaurant is full, then it must be good! We then got the menu and we all randomly ordered a lamb, beef, and a chicken dish. What came next was surprising. We got one huge plate for three people with spongy bread at the bottom and spongy rolls on the side. The owner told us to eat it like a roti or naan at an Indian restaurant. Once we figured it out, we chowed down and ate until our bellies were in heaven. Great service, great food, great restaurant! We paid $23 for food that could feed 3 or 4 people with the ScoutMob coupon!”

Khuram J.

“Did someone say Ethiopian?! :) I have had the opportunity to taste Ethiopian cuisine only about 5 years ago when I first came to the United States. Needless to say, I was hooked. And this place is where the whole romance blossomed. Close to home, and close to an Indian restaurant and store we frequented, so it was only natural that we accidentally stepped in here one day and have been loyal fans ever since. They have redecorated the space in this time and service has always been impeccable. They now have a full bar and I never drink anything other than honey wine here. We usually head for the veg or non-veg combo – goof value for money and reasonable portions for two to share. They even had a scoutmob deal recently that we took advantage of. We’ve treated friends to Ethiopian cuisine here and introduced many to our fave dishes. Cant wait to go back again, soon!”

Ruksana H.

“If you haven’t eaten Ethiopian before and think it might be ‘too out-there’, think again. I went there with a group of people, and every single one had something good to say about it. And if you have had Ethiopian, well, this is a great one.

I usually get the Veggie combo and Shiro. Off the charts good. The Honey wine (Meed) is sweet but not like a cheap wine taste. It’s very good and historically was one of the first fermented beverages.

The staff is always very friendly and the decor of the place is very authentic with a variety of interesting cultural pieces on the walls and as furniture.

I would recommend this place to anyone.”

Joe. C.

“Fantastic food and boy do I love to eat with my hands. My wife first had Ethiopian food when we took a trip to Washington D.C. for our first wedding anniversary. Great staff, always friendly, and they have, dun dun dun, a buffet! I try to go here when I get the chance. The decor is beautiful and don’t be fooled by the location, it really is a great place. A hidden gem in Atlanta that more people should visit.”

Nikolai C.